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Hit the Nail on the Head Every Time

James Izzo - Aug 19, 2022 1:35:01 PM

We know that running your business is hard. The construction industry has gone through numerous challenges in the past two years. From pandemic-induced labor shortages to inflationary peaks, supply chain bottlenecks, and the rising cost of materials—it’s fair to say that we are living in extraordinary times.

Our one-day Construction Workshop is designed to help you conquer today’s challenges and move into positive gross margins on every project.  This game-changing workshop is for business owners who want to—

  • 2022 CBOW - gables-1Make a reasonable profit on every job
  • Get a handle on overhead with a unique job costing tool
  • Take the guesswork out of the estimating process
  • Factor in critical numbers missing in QuickBooks, like the owner’s salary and loan principal 
  • Stay on top of costs by looking at fixed expenses
  • Gain the confidence to identify and reject unprofitable jobs 

When you run an honest and honorable business, you should expect a reasonable return on the investment. Get more value from your investment with this actionable and proactive workshop.  For more details, please visit our website

James Izzo

James Izzo

James Izzo is involved in Sales and Marketing for Gehman Accounting. He has a lot of experience in sales and marketing and is a real asset to the team.

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