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Ken Nisly

Ken Nisly
Ken Nisly and his wife live in Due West, SC, where he works for Gehman Accounting as a Business Advisor from his home office. Ken is certified as a Level 1 Instructor in Lead from Your Strengths and enjoys helping business owners learn what their individual strengths are. Ken enjoys hunting, fishing, and playing disc golf on his own 18-hole course.

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Lost in the Swamp

Ken Nisly - Nov 5, 2020 11:52:19 AM

It is impossible to get where you want to be - if you do not know where you are!

I turned on my phone’s GPS, and my heart skipped a beat. All I saw was a spinning circle, and it was clear to me that it was not going to show me the way back to camp. I was on a hunting trip with my sons in the swamps of Southern Arkansas, and we were a mile back in the swamp, far from civilization. Until I regained service, the only thing I could do was get out my backup compass and see if I knew how to use it.

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